Beneficial Tips to Remember as You Plant Trees

Though the planting season hasn’t arrived yet, now is the perfect time to begin planning your landscape to be done this spring season. A lot of property owners opt to plant trees on their lawns due to the several advantages that they can offer. Tree planting is not as easy as it may seem all the time, hence, try following the tips below and have the best trees within your neighborhood: 

Pay attention to root issues 

Does your tree have root bound roots? Such a thing happens if a tree has spent too long developing in a particular container, hence they will form a spiral shape. Before placing rootbound roots in the ground, you need to loosen them so that they will not circle all over the trunk. 

Provide them a lot of water 

As people consider watering their flowers, watering the trees don’t usually come to their minds. In fact, trees also require to be watered regularly for the first 1-2 years while in the ground. You must come up with a routinely watering schedule to guarantee that they are obtaining the attention they require.    

Never dig too deep 

Though it’s vital to obtain a wide hole, it is not as essential to get a deep hole. Once you plant the tree’s root ball in the ground too deeply, it won’t penetrate the sunlight, nutrients, and water that they needed the most and it can also be suffocated. The roof flare that can be found below the trunk of the tree needs to sit above ground level.  

Space them out 

As you plant a tree, you need to dig a hole that’s almost 2 to 3 times the root ball’s width of your tree. The roots of your new tree will require substantial space to grow and spread out while the tree ages. It’s not usual for root systems to be almost 2-3 times larger than the tree’s canopy. Hence, never be afraid of digging a deep and big hole.  

Tree placement is important 

Before thinking about planting trees of your liking, you need to do some research about them. Remember that the placement is key in terms of planting trees, hence, do your research. Know how big the tree usually grows, how much shade it will give to the things below it, how tall it would get, and if it can survive well in a place of its own or below other trees.  

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